How a digital subscription to AWS works

When you purchase a subscription to Alaska Women Speak in digital format, you gain access to portions of the website restricted to subscribers. You do this by logging in with the username and password you created during your subscription process. Be sure to save those!

So far, the only content that is thus restricted is the link to download the PDF file of the current issue. This is the same PDF file that our printer uses to create the print edition of the journal. After you download the file, you can view it with the free and ubiquitous Adobe Reader, Apple Preview, put it on a Kindle or other e-reader, or even print it out and read it on paper so you can scribble in the margins.

The link to the current edition of the journal will remain online for the whole quarter, and you can access it at any time. When the next edition is published, the link will be replaced with a link to the new current edition. If you signed up for our email list, you will know when that happens. As we are a tiny, all-volunteer organization, there are sometimes delays in getting the editions to press. That is why a one-year subscription covers 13 months, to insure you receive four journals.

In the future we may add other content to the website exclusively for subscribers.

When you log in to the website, you will also have access to your subscriber ‘profile’, where you can change your password or email address.


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