Alaska Women Speak Fall Cover

Fall 2017 Berry Picking/Cherry Picking

Alaska Women Speak Fall CoverFall 2017 Roll Call: Vanessa Sweet, Charity Hommel, Natalie Britton, Shelly Smith, Sarah Mouracade, Cara Jane Murray, Jennifer Searls, Wendy Brooker, Catherine Whitney, Lucy Tyrrell, Katie Ione Craney, Deborah Poore, Vivian Faith Prescott, Kim Watson, Linda Schandelmeier, Elizabeth Lent, Bonnie Demerjian, Jean Anderson and Marilyn Wheeless.

Multi-discipline artist Vanessa Sweet created the bright cover image Berry Love. Sweet credits the inspiration for the image by taking her daughter berry and rosehip picking, “teaching her what was edible near where we lived around Anchorage while staining our fingers along the way.” She also credits Mangyepsa Gyipaayg Kandi McGilton of Metlakatla who provided her with the beautiful heart-shaped hands. Vanessa currently resides in Shishmaref, Alaska.

We are also grateful to share a sample of work in audio form here. Click on the link to hear Cara Jane Murray read her poem, “stay.”

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